Introducing Guitarabia Videos: Share your guitar playing with guitarabia members!

Added on: 2013/03/16 by Guitarabia

Now you can share your playing and recordings with all Guitarabia members!

Record a video on Youtube (song lesson, song cover) and post it on guitarabia!

Steps to upload the video on Guitarabia:

1- Record a video and upload it to your Youtube account or channel

2- On Guitarabia website, click "Add tabs and chords"

3- Under the video section, click "Login to youtube"

4- Enter your youtube username and password

Guitarabia login to youtube username and password

5- In the confirmation screen for Guitarabia to access your videos, click "Allow access"

Guitarabia access to youtube account

6- Copy the link of the youtube video you want to upload

7- Past the link of your video in the "Video link" section

8- Complete the other details (song name, artist, tabs/ chords of the song, etc..)

9- Click Submit at bottom of the page

10- Once approved by Guitarabia team, your video will appear in the songs list and the videos page!

on 2016/05/16 at 6:28 am

فى مشكلة الإمكانيه دى مش شغاله حالياً ؟

on 2017/10/24 at 4:39 pm

السلام عليكم اخي العزيز هاد الخاصية ادخال الفيديو غير شغالة

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