About Us

Guitarabia is an online community for Arab guitar players and music lovers. We are the first site on the web which offers Arabic guitar tabs, chords, and rhythms for arabic songs. The tabs are completely free and are posted by both guitarabia's team and members.

Guitarabia is a place to learn and enhance your guitar playing skills. We offer free lessons about Arabic guitar rhythm techniques, Arabic guitar tabs and chords and other useful stuff. The lessons include diagrams, explanations and videos (in slow motion, too!) so that you can make the best out of them!

We encourage you to interact and share your expertise with fellow musicians! Once you join our community (for free, of course) you can start posting songs’ tabs or chords, request chords for a song, or shoot a question to other musicians on our online forum using our Requests and Questions page.

Guitarabia is an ongoing effort and we have a lot of stuff in mind to make it better. Feel free to contact us, If you have a comment, suggestion or a question in mind. We’d love to hear from you!

Keep on playing!

Guitarabia Team