Guitarabia Leaderboard

Introducing guitarabia leaderboard!

Rank up higher among fellow musicians by visiting guitarabia daily, submitting your chords and tabs, commenting on posts and answering questions and requests. The more you use guitarabia, the higher you rank!

Here is how it works:

- First, you need to register as a member with guitarabia (for free, of course) and like us on facebook. This will get you started with 100 points!

- Earn 3 points every day you login to guitarabia!

- Earn 5 points by answering questions on guitarabia.

- Earn 50 points by submitting your chords and tabs!

Top users are featured on guitarabia leaderboard! Build your musician brand on guitarabia by becoming a featured member on guitarabia!

As always, keep playing!

Guitarabia Team


*Note: Points will be continuously monitored by guitarabia admin and adjusted when needed. This is done to ensure useful contribution and fair points awarded to members.