The Baladi Rhythm

This is perhaps one of the most widely used rhythms in Arabic music. It resembles the same beat played on the drum (derbakkeh). The main strums are dom-tak-tak-dom-tak. The dom is the bass part and it is played on the center of the drum to give that deep low bass sound. We are going to mimic the same strums on the guitar. Let’s start with the basic strums of the Baladi guitar rhythm. The steps are as below:

1. Downward stroke with the thumb (T) on the Bass note only.

2. Two downward strokes of all the chord’s strings with the index finger (I)

3. Another downward stroke with the thumb (T) on the Bass note only.

4. One downward stroke with the index finger (I)

mokkatsheeno says:
on 2012/04/10 at 7:48 pm

الحمد لله اتعلمته بسهوله

yahya says:
on 2012/05/16 at 9:44 pm

مشكوووووووووووووووور اخي

mohammad says:
on 2012/10/30 at 1:17 pm

الفيديو ما عم يشتغل عندي شو أعمل

Guitarabia says:
on 2012/10/30 at 4:20 pm

جاررب مرة أخرى , تأكد يكون عندك متصفح كروم أفضل من الإكسبلورر, ممكن ايضا تدخل على الفيديو على اليوتيوب

on 2015/03/27 at 11:29 pm

لو سمحت اعتني كوردات

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