شروط استخدام الموقع

Guitarabia.com reserves the right to amend these Terms of Service at any time. Use of the website by any user shall constitute the user’s acceptance of these Terms of Service. The Site is owned and operated by Guitarabia, which will be considered the site's owner.

Service offering

Guitarabia.com provides Chords and tabs for Arabic songs. It also provides lessons on guitar rhythms, chords and other general topics related to guitar playing. In addition, it offers a way for musicians to interact and ask questions and learn from each other.

While some of the content on the website can be accessed by public users with no registration, the user is required to register to gain access to certain sections of the website, and to interact, comment, ask questions and submit materials. Guitarabia holds the right to change any of these rights for public and registered users without any prior notice. Guitarabia also reserves the right to start charging for certain services (including but not limited to accessing tabs and chords, lessons or any other material) without prior notice to the users. This means that some sections/ services on the website that were free at some point can become accessible for a certain fee at the future.

Copyright and usage of content on the website

Users are not allowed to copy any of the content on the website (including, but not limited to Tabs, chords, lessons, questions, answers, blog entries, graphics). Displaying any of the materials must be accompanied with a written approval from the owner. Guitarabia.com reserves the right to terminate and/or cancel subscribers’ subscriptions or access to the site any time for any breach of subscribers to the terms as mentioned herein. Any commercial publication or exploitation of the Services or any content provided is specifically prohibited such as copying, electronic transfer, uploading, posting, or submission at any other site, under legal liability for any loss and damage.

Guitarabia is the owner of any content submitted by the users. Once the user submits content (including but not limited to tabs and chords, questions and answers, users comments), he/she acknowledges the fact that Guitarabia owns the content being submitted. This means that Guitarabia can later on implement monetization mechanisms such as but not limited to charging a fee for access of the website, or display ads next to the content submitted by the users. In these cases, Guitarabia has no responsibility whatsoever to share any of the revenues with the users who submitted the content.

Submitting content

Users who submit content on Guitarabia must ensure it is their own content which has not been copied from any other source. While Guitarabia instructs users not to copy and conducts its own check on submitted content, it cannot guarantee that the content is 100% the user’s contribution. If in any case a copied content has been submitted and approved and Guitarabia was later informed about it, the content will be removed (after verification that it was indeed copied) and user will be warned, and can have the account suspended if the problem occurred again. However, by submitting content on the website, the user is confirming that any legal liabilities that can be created as a result of a copyright infringement case will be on the user who submitted the copied content, not on Guitarabia.

Guitarabia holds the right of rejecting any content that does not meet its guidelines and terms of service. In addition to copyright violations, reasons for rejecting content can be content quality, inclusion of inappropriate content, advertising material and other reasons. Guitarabia can amend the submitted content to meet its quality guidelines.

User registration

Upon registration, users will choose a username and password that will permit them to access the appropriate level of services for the site (please refer to services section). Registered users agree to take all reasonable steps to protect and ensure the accuracy of any login, password, or payment information provided in connection with the services.

Subscribers agree to be the sole users of their username/password and the services. Guitarabia.com may terminate access and deactivate or delete a user’s account without prior notice and without obligation. Guitarabia.com reserves the right to restrict access to the services to any user, and may at any time without prior notice immediately deny access to any person.

Privacy policy

Our detailed privacy policy is published here. By using the website, you agree to the terms and conditions including the privacy policy.

Owner’s Liability Restrictions

Owner will not be held liable to any cost incurred from interruption of the site due to error or incur any repair cost or correction due to your use of the site. Owner hereby grants the use of reasonable efforts to ensure the accuracy, correctness and reliability of the content with no representations or warranties or responsibility as to the content’s accuracy, correctness or reliability. Owner will not be held responsible or liable for technical, hardware or software failures of any kind, the use of the site will be at the user’s own risk, as owner will not be held liable to any direct or indirect or consequential profit loss caused by use of the owner’s site. The owner will not be held responsible for the use of any linked sites to this site, as the user waives any and all claims against the Owner regarding the inclusion of links to outside websites or the user’s use of those websites.